Trialflare in 3 simple steps

What you want to collect


How you want to collect it


Who you will collect from

Step 1
Build your data types

Build a list of all the data that you want to collect. Choose from a rich set of data types to collect millions of data objects.

Data types available on web and mobile
Required fields
Conditional questions
Pre-set validated question set options
Integrations and customisations

Step 2
Design your stages

Choose how you want to collect your data

Simple stages
Sets of recurring questions
Sets of ad hoc questions
Push notification reminders for questions
Options for admin and/or participant entry

Step 3
Collect your data

Gather data from admin or team members, or, have participants submit data from their devices

Any location
Any language
Logins that are secure + 2FA
Control compliance remotely
Two-way message support

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