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πŸ’» eCRF
Beautiful and advanced eCRFs that make every day easier
User roles
Unique data types
Autosaving / drafts
Full audit logs
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πŸ“± ePRO
Collect data from anywhere on the web and on apple and android smartphones
Automatic reminders
SMS / email support
2FA security
Instant messaging
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🎲 Randomization
Blinding and randomization tools to protect your participants identities
Blocking strategies
Powerful automations
Participant password generator
Custom prefix options
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✍🏽 eConsent
Easy to design eConsent forms on the web and on smartphones
Secure &Β anonymised
Eligibility criteria
PDF copies by SMS an email
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πŸ” Seriously Secure Software

All data are encrypted in transit, at-rest and are backed-up
Data centers are compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, MHRA, HRA, EMA and more
Two-factor authentication, custom password policies and single sign-on

Trialflare has proved a really accessible way to collect data

"Being able to use a personal mobile means that staff who do not have access to a computer during their working day can be included in research and evaluation projects, and it avoids the time and expense of having to rely on pen and paper.”

Dr. Clare Wright
Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Systemic Psychotherapist, NHS Wales

[It was] easy for coordinators and participants to navigate and get involved with using iPads

"Data automatically synced as it was captured, allowing the research teams to directly access it without involving any extra work for our coordinators."

Dr. Maria Hristova
Project Leader, Comac Medical CRO

We are very pleased with the performance of this platform

Trialflare enabled us to complete anonymised cognitive tests at regular intervals and to record (paperlessly) details of lifestyle changes and wellbeing metrics over a period of nine months.Via the platform, these data were efficiently and accurately captured remotely with a low level of resource commitment.

Dr. Sue Plummer
CEO & Research Director, Cultech Ltd

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Validated Tests
from Scientific Literature
NHS trusts we work with
2 min
Average compliance time after reminders
Compliance from participants
3 million food and drinks items in nutritional databases
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