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All-in-one flexible and affordable solution for Clinical Trials Management (CTMS), Marketing & Product Research, Cognitive Assessment, Fitness, Nutrition, Cosmetics and lots more. A single, secure place on the cloud for everyone involved in your study.

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The problem

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Paper- and pen-based forms, emails, faxes, phone calls, video calls and participant consent have become too difficult to manage and fraught with error. On-site research and data collection activities can also be troublesome when many people are involved, and off-site data collection involving scanning and postage of documents is an ineffective and risky research tactic.

As such, research teams at every level - including sponsors, researchers and management teams, administrators, participants or patients- need trusted and effective solutions for study setup, execution and automated analytical pipelines.

That's why we created Trialflare. Whatever your research area, Trialflare does the heavy-lifting for all of your data collection, storage and analytical needs.

Create unlimited data types and stages
Easy eConsent
Gather data automatically
Any location, any device, any language
Export all of your data instantly

Really revolutionising research

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Rich data types.
Innovative approaches.

Trialflare reliably and flexibly captures the data you need. Basic data inputs through to advanced data types including cognitive tests and food diaries.

Build powerful workflows with ease
Sliders, Checkboxes and Selectors
Image / Video Capture
Numbers / Dates / Times
Cognitive Tests
Food Diaries

Smart strategies.
Improved output.
Easy collaboration.

Trialflare uses cutting-edge technology with enterprise-level gold standards of data security and encryption to create a seamless flow for your data. Collaborate and work with anyone on any device at any location and in your preferred language.
2-Factor Authentication
Web / mobile apps
Role-based access control
Data encryption
Single Sign-On (SSO)

Maximise compliance and data quality with Trialflare

We use custom reminders and push notifications to ensure that everyone in your study, no matter which role or access level, is kept up-to-date.

Keep on top of compliance without the administrative burden of call centres, lengthy email threads and faxes.

Validated data means no costly proof-checking, transcribing or struggles over ambiguous data.
Control and schedule push notifications
App messaging support
Validated data types to prevent human errors
Full audit trail exports
Legally compliant datacentres (USA/UK/EU)
Support your participants and team members
Free and ongoing support and training

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We are really pleased with the performance of this platform!

Working with an internationally renowned CRO, we used Trialflare to complete anonymised cognitive performance testing and quality of life metrics over time. After the study concluded, we were able to export all the data instantly.

Dr. Sue Plummer
Research Director

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