Frequently asked questions

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What type of research can I use Trialflare for?

Trialflare is incredibly flexible. You can use the many features of the platform to carry out just about anything from market research, product efficacy testing, nutritional or clinical research through custom or validated questionnaires and surveys to eConsent, CRF and ePRO.

Who are you - what is your background and expertise?

Our expert team are pioneers in digital healthcare. We are a hybrid group between clinical and nutritional research, data scientists and software developers. Our team are GCP trained, too.

Where do you operate - Europe? USA? UK?

We use a network of datacentres which operate worldwide. We can support the conduct of studies in any country or language while being compliant and secure.

Our data and IP are quite sensitive - who owns the data?

100% you. Trialflare is your tool to collect the data you need. We help you with the tools to gather this data in an efficient and accurate way. Whether it's on- or off-site, on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, the data is yours. Any time you wish to remove the data from the platform you are welcome to download and request a full deletion. We do not access or share any of your data whatsoever and are also happy to sign NDAs should you have any outstanding concerns about sensitive data or company IP.

We must be regulatory and/or "best practice" compliant to undertake our work - is Trialflare?

Yes. We are compliant with all major regulatory frameworks including ICH-GCP, HIPAA, GDPR and more. Our servers audit log and encrypt all data collection events. In the event that you need to provide assurance or proof of compliance, Trialflare can provide you with a full data export.

How is Trialflare different to other platforms on the market?

Trialflare is easy and lightweight, but also heavy lifting. You don't need a designated IT department or team and you and your host organisation don't need to self-host your data or to run the app for you. We are very security-focussed and use industry gold standards to ensure everything is encrypted in transit and at rest on our servers which are backed regularly. We have custom tiers of access which enable you work with and engage with all users in your research- whether it's sponsors, participants or clinicians on one site in one language or in many. Some other platforms split apart services - including eConsent, ePRO, the web or the smartphone app, CRF capabilities and more. If you use Trialflare, everything is available to you from the beginning. We also pride ourselves on free training and support, regular updates, and the provision of bespoke features and integrations if needed. Every study is different, and we can work with you to get the results you need.

Do you offer pilot projects?

Yes - we appreciate that up-rooting your existing setup is sometimes difficult. For that reason, we can offer reduced cost pilot plans for industry and free pilots for academia. This pilot period enables you and your team to familiarise yourself with the platform, receive free training and to have a practice at running a study, if you need to - whatever format it is.

Can I actually talk to someone if I need help?

Absolutely. Many out-of-the-box solutions might provide you with some documentation to train and help yourself. We can meet with you on Zoom or Teams calls to provide you and your teams with any training or support that you need for free. Our training and support service is ongoing while you are working with us.

What happens if I need to modify my license?

Get in touch and just let us know how your circumstances are changing. Your account manager will be at-hand to help you throughout the whole process and weigh-up options that work for you. Whether you're looking to ramp up or cool down your Trialflare usage, we'll make it hassle-free.

Is my data safe?

We take data security very seriously. We use industry-grade standards of encryption, both at rest and during submission and our data centres are independently audited. We are registered with the ICO and have a dedicated Data Protection Officer. Our software and staff look after your data at all times. Read more about our security here.

What happens if I want to terminate my license?

If you wish to terminate your subscription with Trialflare, all of your data (and platform integrations) will be removed from the platform. We will provide you with a full export of your data and you will be able to sign up again at any time should you wish to.

We already use something - why should we change?

We use industry best practices of security and encryption and our exceptional development team are constantly working on and collaborating to build new features. We are open to suggestions on how we can improve the platform or introduce new useful features which might be useful for your teams. When you use Trialflare, you don't need to setup any internal IT support and, whether your projects are highly sensitive or not, you will automatically be compliant by adopting to best practices. We store all of your data for you, encrypt and back it up, too.