New Features : BMI Data Types

Automate your anthropometric data collection with our Body Mass Index (BMI) data type
Oct 10, 2022
(3 min)

Body mass index (BMI) is an important metric in public health and healthcare as a whole. By gathering height and weight data and using the BMI calculation, one can get a representation of a persons healthy weight status.

The world health organisation (WHO) has been using BMI as a standard of recording obesity since the early 1980’s and Trialflare’s dedicated BMI data type can now help record this in your study for you automatically. Whether you are using imperial or metric, BMI can automatically be calculated on the platform in any study.

Using BMI classifications of weight, Trialflare will enable you to determine healthy or unhealthy status of participants or patients.

If you are collecting data through surveys, questionnaires, or as part of clinical or nutritional trials or public health research, get in touch to learn more.

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