Trialflare fits into your existing workflows

We know switching to a new platform is difficult at an organisational level.

Trialflare makes it easier than ever to enable your team to get their work done.

Our state-of-the-art platform and integrations suite make configuration and data management easy using familiar tools, yet without compromising security.

Use our suite of Microsoft, Google and Dropbox integrations to seamlessly slot Trialflare into your existing workflow.

Some of our integrations catalogue

Export Trials data in SPSS SAV format in order to import directly into your statistical software.
Microsoft Excel
Export your data in Excel-friendly formats or work with live sheets on the cloud through your organisations single sign-on.
R Studio
R-studio-friendly exports to help get your analysis underway as soon as possible.
GraphPad Prism
XML-formatted GraphPad Prism data tables for you to begin your analysis immediately.
Microsoft OneDrive
Synchronise with your OneDrive workspace in your organisation and access Trialflare data from your office - at work or at home.
Google Drive
Connect to your Google Drive account and synchronise your Trials data to your cloud workspace.
Google Sheets
Use your organisations single sign-on protocol to create live Google Sheets on the cloud- all updated in real-time with every new data submission.
Create a secure spot in your Dropbox directory to store your trials data from Trialflare.
and more
Ask us how Trialflare can connect to the tools your organisation uses by getting in touch.

Healthcare professional and participant automation

Connect Trialflare to your existing tools. Watch your healthcare professionals and participants submissions update on your organisations workspace in realtime - all securely over the cloud.

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