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Features. Here are some of our favourites.

We're always developing new features that help you to minimise redundancy, improve data integrity, collection speed and user experience for people at every level, whether they are your team, external healthcare professionals or participants

Validated data types

Validated data types ensure that your healthcare professionals and participants enter accurate non-redundant data.

As soon as a submission is received there's no need for proof-checking.

Live sync data from anywhere

New data submissions will automatically synchronise to your organisations workspace through single sign-on.

Submissions can come from trials admin, healthcare professionals or participants.

Stay in touch with participants.
No phone calls.
No emails.

Instant message with your participants on their smartphones during the trial while keeping them anonymous.

Validated questionnaires at your fingertips

Choose from a rich library of literature-validated questionnaires in the areas of depression, wellbeing, quality of life, gut health and more.


Questions and stages can be created in any language.

Improved compliance with push notifications

Target your participants for remote participant monitoring by choosing that perfect window to capture the best and most accurate data.

Collect data from everywhere on any device

Submissions are collected by Trialflare from all users regardless of their device or location.

Recurring stages

Drastically reduce setup time by setting stages to repeat. Trialflare supports any recurrence, whether it's daily / weekly logs or ad hoc data submissions on-the-fly capturing data at the most appropriate and current time.

Gold standard security

We take data security seriously. We encrypt data everywhere, run secure backups at our independently audited data centres and use two-factor authentication and single sign-on.